Fast and Furious 7

The ending scene of “Fast & Furious 7” uses multiple camera angles and audio effects to intensify the scene’s message. It begins with a medium close up shot type with an eye level angle of many of the main characters along with soft dramatic music as they speak about Paul Walker’s character in the movie. This camera view is great for intimate, emotional scenes because you can see the detailed expressions on a character’s face. It is as if the message of the ending scene is to honor and remember Paul Walker in reality since he died while the filming of the movie was taking place. A full shot is used to view Paul Walker’s character with his family as the other characters are talking about him. A mid shot is used as a bridge between the two and allows Vin Diesel to interact with the other main characters he is speaking with as he stands up to leave. This shot allows the focus to still be on Diesel while incorporating the other characters around him. A telephoto lens is used to zoom out over the ocean as the beginning of another emotionally intense song starts to play. An over the shoulder shot type is used to show Vin Diesel’s character’s point of view looking over to Paul Walker’s character when he pulls up beside him. The scene finally ends with a zoomed out view of the characters driving cars through the mountains. During this time of the ending scene the memorial song “See You Again” for Paul Walker is playing. The choices of audio, camera shot type and angles all help to intensify the emotions felt during the scene, whose main message was the remembrance and mourning of Paul Walker.



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