Number 5

Number-5-1948-Jackson-Pollock.jpgJackson Pollock is one of the most controversial artists of the twentieth century. One of his most outstanding paintings is simply named Number 5, done in 1948. In November 2006 this painting broke the world record for the highest paid for painting at $140 million dollars. It can be described as a canvas splattered and dripped with yellow, red, black, white, and grey paint. This specific technique is called drip painting, which Pollock was best known for. The painting can also be described as an abstract image. The technique used and final abstract image is what’s so controversial about this painting because some did not view it as art, but simply randomly splattered paint on a canvas. Because some people look at this painting as random splattered paint this piece can mean so much for some people, but at the same time have almost no value at all for the people who have this perspective. This technique and abstract design is far from the norm for most art viewers. Number 5 has an iconic political importance and value. In 1948, the Cold War was going on in this time period. The United States embraced Pollock’s abstract expressionism in a push to devalue socialist realism. As shown by its symbolism in the Cold War and the mind-blowing amount paid for it in 2006, it can be said that the painting’s message is much more powerful then it’s shape at first glance.


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