“We’re the Millers'” Moral Choices

Throughout the comedy film “We’re the Millers”, recommended moral choices are made for the viewer. The film contains the typical family blueprint of a middle aged man and women as parents with a teenage boy and girl as their children. The film is not about your stereotypical family vacation. The family is assembled by the middle-aged man of the film, or the fake father, who actually happens to be a small time drug dealer. In the film he falls into debt to his supplier and must become a big-time smuggler by bringing a shipment of drugs to his supplier from Mexico to pay off his debt. His idea is to assemble a fake family, rent an RV, and make the trip to Mexico undercover and disguised. He convinces his neighbor, who happens to be a stripper, to be his fake wife, a nerdy teenage boy in his building to be his fake son, and a run-away streetwise teen as his fake daughter. The first moral choice the movie makes for the viewer is that drugs are socially acceptable. The main character is a drug dealer and the entire plot of the movie revolves around smuggling drugs. The next moral choice made in the movie has to do with sexuality. The fake wife of the film works as a stripper and is involved in many morally questionable scenes. One of these is a scene where the fake daughter and fake mom try to teach the fake son how to kiss because he is unexperienced. They do this by taking turns making out with him, which toys with the moral judgement of sexuality and incest even though they are a fake, assembled family. Because this is a comedy film, these moral choices made by the director are not seen as convincing, but as wild, exaggerations used to provoke laughter for the viewers.



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