Three Cubist Musicians

The art work Three Musicians by Pablo Picasso shows a unique style of painting called Cubism. The piece is assembled using geometric shapes and bold colors. In some ways this style goes hand in hand with some of the basic elements of music. The use of geometrical shapes is consistent through the entire piece of artwork. This is similar to the melody in music that is consistent throughout an entire musical piece of work. The additional, attention-grabbing harmonies that are added on top of the melody in a musical piece are much like the vibrant colors that are added along into the geometric shapes. The bold colors are used to make a statement in this piece of artwork. The distorted but distinguishable look of the men in the artwork is similar to how you can distort musical sounds by the use of different pitches and notes. The general theme and design of this painting is very comparable to the musical genre of jazz because of similar setting, clothing styles, and instruments that go along with the genre of jazz.


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