The First of Many Post

Hi there! My name is Ethan Moses. This is the first of many posts from this fantastic blog. I will be using this blog to post a variety of topics for my Introduction to Humanities college course. I am a college student at Santa Fe College in Gainesville, Florida. I have called this town my home throughout most of my childhood. Although I have grown up and gone to elementary, middle, and high school locally in Gainesville, I was born elsewhere. I was born in Syracuse, New York and moved here with my older sister, younger brother and both parents when I was about five years old.

Throughout my life I have always been interested and entertained by sports. As a kid, I played an array of sports, starting with soccer. In high school I was more interested by basketball and tackle football. To this day, I enjoy getting together with friends or going to the gym to play pick-up games of basketball.

Professionally, I am interested in going to college to one day become a physical therapist. Right now I am finishing my Associate of Arts degree in Health Sciences. I have applied to the University of Central Florida and intent to apply to the University of Florida, and University of North Florida for my Bachelor’s degree. To become a licensed Physical Therapist, you must also have a Doctorate degree, which I plan on completing at one of these same schools in the future.

I am excited for my busy yet adventuress future. Below is a picture of a past adventure of mine when I went snorkeling in Puerto Rico on a family vacation.  Thanks for getting to know a little more about me through this blog post. Stay tuned for more entertaining posts about humanities.puerto rico3


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