The Archetype of the Ruler

Lord Farquaad from the film Shrek is the embodiment of the archetype of the ruler. In his quest for power and control, he asks Shrek to retrieve for him a princess that had been locked away in a tower far far away. Lord Farquaad’s motivation for this request is so that he can gain more power and control by marrying the princess to become King. This greed for power and control goes along with the archetype of the ruler. The physical elements of fancy medieval clothes in the colors of red and gold that he wears add to this character’s archetype because these colors go along with royalty and high class rulers. Because the character Shrek is so unpredictable and chaotic, the main motivation for the creation of Lord Farquaad is to be an antagonist to Shrek. Lord Farquaad is the antagonist of Shrek because he hates chaos and is in constant need of control. Despising chaos and having the need for control are two characteristics that go along with the archetype of a ruler as well.


Pure Serenity

Pure serenity is the best way to describe the feelings that come from listening to the piano piece entitled “Claire de Lune”, which is French for moonlight, composed by Claude Debussy. This peacefulness comes from the soft change in pace and dramatic change in pitch that can be achieved with an instrument like the piano. Throughout this piece, the pace speeds up to excite the listener, and then slows back down to give the listener a sense of relaxation. When listening to this piece the colors of white and gold come to mind because these colors are often related to pureness and innocence, which the soft melody portrays. This piece also makes me think of winter time, cheerful holidays, and white snow for similar reasons.

Art by Leonid Afremov


This beautiful piece of art work was done by a modern painter by the name of Leonid Afremov. Although it is only forty by twenty-four inches, the multitude of colors within every brush stroke help to give depth to the painting. It gives off the illusion that you are really looking down a long path on a rainy day, perhaps in Central Park. The seemingly happy couple walking in the park, as well as the vivid color scheme, provides a warm, happy feeling.  The meaning of this painting is that the beauty of nature should be enjoyed, especially with someone we love, instead of being over looked by our busy lives.


The First of Many Post

Hi there! My name is Ethan Moses. This is the first of many posts from this fantastic blog. I will be using this blog to post a variety of topics for my Introduction to Humanities college course. I am a college student at Santa Fe College in Gainesville, Florida. I have called this town my home throughout most of my childhood. Although I have grown up and gone to elementary, middle, and high school locally in Gainesville, I was born elsewhere. I was born in Syracuse, New York and moved here with my older sister, younger brother and both parents when I was about five years old.

Throughout my life I have always been interested and entertained by sports. As a kid, I played an array of sports, starting with soccer. In high school I was more interested by basketball and tackle football. To this day, I enjoy getting together with friends or going to the gym to play pick-up games of basketball.

Professionally, I am interested in going to college to one day become a physical therapist. Right now I am finishing my Associate of Arts degree in Health Sciences. I have applied to the University of Central Florida and intent to apply to the University of Florida, and University of North Florida for my Bachelor’s degree. To become a licensed Physical Therapist, you must also have a Doctorate degree, which I plan on completing at one of these same schools in the future.

I am excited for my busy yet adventuress future. Below is a picture of a past adventure of mine when I went snorkeling in Puerto Rico on a family vacation.  Thanks for getting to know a little more about me through this blog post. Stay tuned for more entertaining posts about humanities.puerto rico3